Insomnia again, Where Rainbows End (half way review), Christian talk

by n'charlotte

Almost three and I’m still awake. Got a 9 am seminar tomorrow so this is going to be great. Since I can’t get to sleep, might as well catch up with my reading.
I’m currently reading Where Rainbows End by Cececlia Ahern (there’s a movie out now based on the book called Love, Rosie, staring Lily Collins.) I’m currently (literally have the book open right in front of me, on page 374, more than half way through, so I thought I’d share my impression so far).

What is it:
Rosie and Alex have been best friend since childhood. They’ve been through basically everything together but then they’re separated when Alex moved to Boston with his family. They hardly see each other anymore and live very different lives. Yet, they manage to stay in contact after more than twenty years. Odds and misunderstandings keep getting into their ways over and over again as if to deliberately stop them from staying friends. Years of friendship have nurtured into something more. Will they risk anything, even their friendship, for love?

The writing style:
The book is written in a first person narrative in forms of letters/email/messages/postcards, which is a really fresh approach, contributing to the smoothness of the story. The letters are sometimes interrupted by an incoming message or a postcard but still the story flows really nicely and never seems abrupt. I also like how Alex’s bad spelling habit (‘no’ instead of ‘know’) is carried on throughout the book. The language varies for each and every character, as well as as they grow up, meaning the voice is extremely convincing.

The story:
Since I haven’t gotten to the end, I don’t know what happens at the end but so far I enjoy it quite a lot. The story is very relatable and realistic, concerning current issues happening in our society like single parenting, teenage pregnancy etc. Instead of dissing these “problems”, Ahern approaches the subjects through a whole different viewpoint – although teenage pregnancy is not encouraged or promoted, it is not condemned or looked down on as well. In fact, the writer suggests that something beautiful might actually happen because of one impulsive mistake made as a result of excessive drinking (another social issue that was touched on). Things happen for a reason was the message that I got from the book. Whenever something seems to be working out, something else happen and completely destroys the original plan. True that it isn’t very encouraging, but as the story goes on, better things happen as a result of the previous obstacles. Rosie, being the main character in the book, has gone through so much ups and even more downs (giving birth as a teenager, raising a child single handedly, getting married, cheated on and divorced, being unemployed/ struggling financially, missing out on being twenties’ like for normal people who does not have the responsibility to raise a child and so on) yet she keeps on going and (yes, she does whinge and complain fairly often, but) she is still able to look onto the bright side and not give up, even when she’s considered about it. This attitude to life is what we all should learn from.

Speaking of life and obstacles, there was a guest talk hosted by the College Christian Union today on the question”Is there more to life than this?” The talk was given by Tavis Bohlinger, an American singer/actor, now studying for a PhD in Theology at Durham! I enjoyed the talk immensely and felt like it was in some ways spoken to me specifically. Having born with a religious background, Bohlinger still faces many obstacles in life, preventing him from reaching his goals. But as Christians, why would God do this to us? Why would he stop us from achieving our dreams? Why would he give us a hard time when things seem to be going smoothly for us? I struggle to answer these questions myself and I sometimes doubt if what I believe actually exist. I raised a question because I felt like he would have the answer to it since he too has been through a lot, if not more. The question was What do you do or what keeps you from not losing faith in Him even when you’re at your lowest and when nothing seems to be working again and again? his answer was simple yet complicated: we can never lose faith. Faith is something heavenly and that can never be lost. I don’t know how to explain what he said but I kind of understood it, at least it made sense to me then. I do feel like my faith is shaken but he reassured me that it isn’t and it’s just an illusion because God holds really tightly onto us and never lets us go. I need to try and get rid of my doubts and get to know Him once again. Speaking of which I’ll be joining the CU for a weekend away in Newcastleton so I’m pretty excited about this. It’d be a great way to get to know more about the Gospel and to meet new people.

That’s all for now I guess, my eyes are getting bit tired but I’m tempted to continue with the book. I’ll probably read another few pages, finish up the chapter and head off. Breakfast at 8. Don’t even know if I can make it, probably not, but then again, I can hear my stomach growling now so I probably will, with difficulties.

P.S. Realised this took me half an hour to write. It’s already past 3:30am oh god.