Seminar, Money, Concerts, Coffee

by n'charlotte

Woke up at 7 (got out of bed at 8) for my 9am UK Con tutorial.

During breakfast, a few of us decided to go through the questions together just in case we completely missed out on something. It was actually a brilliant idea because during the time while i was preparing for the seminar myself, I had completely no idea if I was on the right track or not. Being able to discuss it with someone is so helpful; not only did I realised I was not being an utter idiot for knowing absolutely nothing, I actually have gained something from all those intensive hours of dull reading. Knowing that I’m going on the same pace as everyone else improves my self-esteem by a bit. At least now I realised I’m not behind, even though I might be on top of everyone else.

Having a lecturer/ seminar leader who is relatively more relaxed and “chilled” does make a difference. The atmosphere was not intense which makes it more welcoming for questions and suggestions. This encourage more people to raise questions without feeling stupid and hence improve everyone’s understanding on the topic discussed.

I’m thoroughly pleased with how the seminar went today, despite the fact it was so early in the morning. I did manage to get some sleep till lunch right after it.

Maybe it’s because of the limited allowance I get from my parents, I am becoming more and more obsessed with online freebies and online surveys where you get cash back and rewards? I think it’s slowly turning into a disorder which I need to control. I also have been inconsistently looking for part time jobs on campus and in town. Think i’ll need to earn myself some extra cash because I have as well an obsession with going to concerts. Music concerts here are much more common and comparatively cheaper than the ones back home (Hong Kong) and so I’ve been hunting for tickets every single day. Just got my friends and I some tickets to Jessie J’s concert this coming January. Gutted that we got it a few hours too late because the one in Newcastle has already sold out. Ours are in Leeds which isn’t too far away. Train tickets are around £12 with railcards if purchased in advance. Train tickets to New Castle would’ve been only or even less than £5 though on the day. Anyways, I’m sure we’ll have a great time since we haven’t been to Leeds properly so it’d be great for us to do a proper day trip and explore the town there. Really looking forward to that.

Oh and speaking of free stuff, will be heading down to Starbucks in a bit because I’ve got coupons for free coffee! Can’t wait to taste their Christmas flavours (I’m so excited to try their Hot Chocolate!) . They’re my favourite. Last night my friend treated me my first ever cup of Costa Christmas Coffee. I had the black forest hot chocolate. It was heavenly!! and they were giving out free food as well because it was their launch for the Christmas edition last night. Had the best 30 minutes break from work.

(This’s a cheery post for a change!)

P.S. We ran down to Starbucks at lightening speed for that cup of coffee but it was closed. Gutted!!