by n'charlotte

I’m not even sure if I am medically diagnosed with it but I just assume I am. I’ve always had problems with getting a decent night sleep, finding it hard to fall asleep and harder to stay asleep. (Currently in bed with my Spotify on because I couldn’t fall asleep. It’s been an hour at least.) I’ve had a tough week (formative essays to due in and tutorials to prepare for…#lawstudentsproblems) and am constantly exhausted, physically and psychologically. Being only 19, I feel like I’m already fed up with (life?) I’m not even sure. My thoughts and moods are extremely inconsistent, swinging like a mad pendulum. I thought being physically worn out would make it easier for me to fall asleep but guess not, my actively hyper mind keeps on going like a crazy thought generator. It never seems to work as well when it comes it work, only does when I’m trying to get some sleep. Ok now my eyes are getting tired from staring at the tiny screen on my phone typing this so I’ll try and close them and hopefully get some sleep before waking up at 7 tomorrow for my hospital appointment. My plan for an early night failed epically, yet unsurprisingly.

Sorry for the depressing first post.